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ShoeBox automatically receives and organizes receipts from transactions made with a debit or credit card with no hassle on your end.

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We've streamlined the process of receiving and managing receipts, making it easier than ever





Earn rewards with access to gift cards to the most popular brands by making purchases with your credit card. 



Easily understand how you're spending with data and visualization.


No need to provide emails at the register to receive digital receipts. Users' data is protected using NIST and PCI DSS frameworks.

The App

How the App Works



ShoeBox uses Plaid's API and acesss to retailers transaction data to provide customers with itemized receipts on their mobile devices, allowing them to manage and archive their receipts.

About Us

Our Story

We at ShoeBox understand the frustration and stress caused by paper receipts. That's why we've developed a digital receipt solution that eliminates the need for paper, making it easy to keep track of receipts and have access to them when you need them. Our contactless technology allows for easy management of receipts and reduces pollution and waste.


Our mission is to build a community of forward-thinking companies and individuals who share our vision of creating a greener earth. We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in the world. With ShoeBox, businesses and individuals can streamline their operations while reducing their impact on the environment. Join us on our mission to build a greener future for all of us.

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